Gergely Sarreti


Public art (printed plastic sheet)
Pécs, Hungary


I came up with a public art idea for the Zsolnay Festival in 2013, which I designed for the staircase next to the Doctoral School building. On each step, quotes were readable from various international writers and comedians, which are motivating for everyday life and sometimes humorous. I edited separate standard colors for each of the boards, which formed a transition from a distant view displaying a rainbow-like visual effect. I edited the quotes in different fonts with different colors.

The work is entitled “The Price of Greatness is Responsibility,” which is Winston Churchill’s wisecrack, and was seated on the highest step. The installation was well attended, easily visible from afar, providing the expected visual and content experience for those who went there. I strived for a communicative representation of public art, distancing from high art, and creating a mass-cultural visual representation that looked like an advertising.