Gergely Sarreti


Installation (felt, mattress, print, electronics)


The project makes connections between the human heart and its sensual effects on it, as well as between low and high art. The shape of the human heart pillows represents the design, but they become kitschy with the inner female voices (leaving the design label). To the low art appearance, the banal symbol of the human heart also illustrates a certain connection with sexual desire. The pop culture features of emotional overheating provide a kind of pre-produced tension for ordinary people (such as Brazilian soap operas, reality shows, or commercials) that practically do not represent everyday reality.

The short erotic texts in the artwork can arouse a pre-generated desire in the visitor, just like the trash fiction novels in the excitement-hungry readers. Such sensitive impressions and certain excitatory effects experienced in everyday life definitely regulate the functioning of the heart. At the same time, sexual activity also greatly influences our biological and psychological function, which is located on the lower level of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchical pyramid of the theory of needs.