Gergely Sarreti


Installation (printed plastic sheet, plexiglas)


The series was created from the idea of anaglyph photo editing. The special feature of the technical application is not the 3D effect that can be perceived specifically from the view of the images, but the two monochrome photos with different views placed on top of each other. The transparent blue and red plexiglas sheets, which are placed in front of them, absorb the images of the same hue.

The pin-up styled photos represent a certain beauty ideal which we can see on every simple awareness-raising advertisements, visualizing the feminine sexuality as a tool. Different positions can be seen on the four pictures. The models are acting such like subjective dummies with erotic-neurotic antithetical movements. In an other point of view, the positions also reflect a kind of vulnerability with different body languages. I considered it important to visualize topics that I have always been interested in realizing: the elusiveness and enigmatic role of aesthetics.