Gergely Sarreti


chrome paint, plexiglas, wood
100x80x20 cm


Visualization of the analytical interpretation of “ego”. Some lifestyle-based, experimental religions from East interpret the ego as a significant problem which is a primary relevance to analyze the world in an internal and external level. The ego express itself in a relative level to the physical and metaphysical world, i.e. as an existential manifestation in relation to the actual circumstances.

The formal tendency of the project is based on flip lenticular images, here the two different images are interchanged with convex and concave reflective stripes. The lenticular prints (or images) are change with the movement of the observer. The stripes here shown as concave – convex mirrors reflecting a deformed image of the individual, picturing a peculiar image of “self”.

With its antique effect frame, the work evokes the aesthetics of Venetian mirrors from the 16th century, so the project raises the question of the boundaries of art and design, and last but not least the destructive status of kitsch in the sacred regularity of high art.