(Installation / felt, mattress, prints, electronics / 2014)


The project brings up relationships between the human heart and the erotic influences, as well as between the borders of high and low art. The human heart pillows express the design and the inner female voices bring out the significative marks of kitsch. However these concepts not just represent a low art look but demonstrate certain connection with the love making as well, related to the effects of the human heart. The signs of pop culture of the emotional exaltation offers such a mimic prefabricated tension to the everyday people which practically not represents the common reality (like soap operas, reality shows or advertisements). The erotic texts which can be heard in the artwork could raise put-up desires in the viewer just like the romantic novels qualified as trash fiction to the readers starving for excitement. These kind of sensitive impressions and certain over-excitements definitely regulate the heart’s functioning. However the sexual activity also influences our biological and psychological functions in a large way which is settle down at the bottom level of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchical pyramid of the theory of needs.

Model: Kata József / Felt pillows: Attila Balaskó / Ad photos: Gábor Csongor Szigeti / Voices: Anna Mária Nagy, Eszter Éva Nagy