The price of greatness is responsibility

(Installation / printed PVC sheet / Pécs, Spring 2013)


The installation made out of colourful board lines for the 2nd Zsolnay Festival in Pécs on springtime of 2013, onto the outside stairs of the Doctoral School of the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts. There were motivational and humorous quotes of various international writers and comedians on every step. I designed different standard colours severally on the boards which formed a transition from a further view, visualize a rainbow effect. I used different font types with different colours.

The title of the piece is a wisecrack of Winston Churchill and could be read on the first stair (“The price of greatness is responsibility”). With this project my aim was the communicative representation of the new genre public art, dissociated from the circuits of the high art, picture a low art content and create a certain resemblance of the visual mapping of advertising. Actually this simplicity hides a question: if this is art or not.