(Installation / plexiglas, printed PVC sheet / 2013)


The pin-up styled photos represent a certain beauty ideal which we can see on every simple awareness-raising advertisements visualize the feminine sexuality as a tool. Different positions can be seen on the four picture of the photo installation. The models act such like subjective dummies with erotic-neurotic antithetical movements. In an other point of view the positions also reflect the female defencelessness with different body languages.  

They appear like sacred figures, like deviant subjects of the medieval Christian philosophy. According to this theory the Female is not a martyr but the very Evil and the Male is the symbol of brightness and guiltlessness. The demon’s role associated with the witchcraft which is transposed to the woman who is like metaphysical Nothing, contrasted with the orderly profane world. This Antichrist role can be considered as sacred sacrificial item which manifests the antagonistic structure of the consecrateness, the kind of duality that the “holy” has the “damned” quality also at the same time.

Models: E Barbara Nagy, V Virág Kiss, I Karolina Tóth, L Olga Verebélyi